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t-shirt surgery

the deconstruction & reconstruction of t-shirts

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the deconstruction & reconstruction of t-shirts.
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This community is the brainchild of treeforthebirds & boaconstrictor. We enjoy hacking up our old t-shirts & turning them into...well, something more (or less in some cases!). We decided to create this community as a place where we can connect with other t-shirt surgeons. This is a place where we can all trade ideas, techniques, advice, & just show off our creations. C'mon! Get out that camera! Let's get down to business.

full time i_live_4_tetris &fourth_wave
part time kittensmile & velcrofeet

t_shirt_surgery in the news!

Questions? Check the || tags & search tool ||
Read the Community Guidelines below before you post.

Please use the links above to search before asking a question. A great deal of questions have already been answered and reading the same question asked over and over is pretty redundant to regular users.
However, the purpose of this community is to inspire and share knowledge, so intelligent questions are welcome.

  • We are proud to have 16000+ members!!! But please try to avoid the 'HI, I'M NEW HERE!' post without adding a relevant question/comment/photo. It would be a lot of pointless posts.
  • Keep your posts on topic: This is a high traffic community and this guideline must be followed.
    This a place to trade ideas, techniques, advice, and showing off our creations related to the deconstruction & reconstruction of t-shirts only.

    + Posting a pic of the shirt you turned into a skirt/bag is good.
    -Posting a pic of a skirt/bag you made from scratch is not.
    +And yes, sweatshirts and button-up shirts count as shirts!
    +Shirts from scratch are allowed

  • Try to post original ideas! - We tire of seeing your tie-back halter/off-shoulder tee over and over again. Do not ask if we have ‘any ideas’ for your boring shirt. Of course we have ideas, that is what the community is for. If the stuff you see here isn't enough, there's a big links section below of places where you can get more ideas.

    This is NOT a place to sell your stuff
    + It is ok to post a pic of your diy top and mention it is for sale.
    - It is not ok to have a garage sale of everything in your closet.
    - Failure to understand this may get you banned.
    There are links below of where you can sell stuff

  • Use your own judgement when deciding if something belongs here or not. Go to clothes_surgery for more general surgeries, _stencilry for stencilled shirts, and sew_hip for sewing machine-related problems. Plugs for your community count as off-topic, unless they are craft-related.
  • Try not to crosspost your entries all over the place. Most members also belong to other sewing/diy comms and don't want to see your post 30 times on their friends page.

  • If you’re posting more than two pictures, please use the lj-cut tag
  • If your picture is bigger than 550px X 550px, please use the lj-cut tag
    (that's <lj-cut text="TEXT GOES HERE">, for the slow kids at the back)
    Hyperlinking is allowed, Hotlinking is NOT allowed
    There are links below where you can host your pictures.

  • Don't be offensive & criticize negatively! (Read: Do NOT be a jerk!). Constructive criticism is of course welcome. Due to some community abuse, only members of the community can reply & comment. Comments that are homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, sizeist, etc. will NOT be tolerated in this community. If you break this rule & you're a member of the community you WILL be banned.

    These guidlelines are necessary to make the community work and be enjoyable/informative to its users. If you break them your post will be immediately deleted - break them 3 times and you're banned. (And 'But I didn't read them!' is not an excuse.) kthnx.

  • http://www.sewingweb.com/dictionary/

    craftster.org || threadbanger forum

    diy_tutorials || ohmystars.net || thriftdeluxe.com || whatthecraft.com

    cut x paste.com || get crafty.com || etsy

    stenciltastic || stencil_swap || _stencilry || stencil_art
    stencilrevolution.com || stencilarchive.org || stencilry gallery

    tshirtsurg_sale || diymarketplace || punkmart
    thriftstoreuk || fruitsyauctions || alt_trade || buymydiy

    whatshouldido-advice || insert_epigram-slogan ideas
    superluckycat || windsor fashion || asos.com || delia*s
    lip service || virgin wear || urbn outfitters || tee marto - stencils

    unejupe-skirts || clothes_surgery || refashion
    tshirt_bitchery -clothes surgery with SASS!

    craftgrrl || sew_hip

    photobucket || flickr

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