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t-shirt surgery [entries|friends|calendar]
the deconstruction & reconstruction of t-shirts.


NEW USERS, welcome to t_shirt_surgery, here are the most important guidelines for the community. the full list can be found on the userinfo page.
  • read the rules & tags before asking a question. we have over 9000 members so most questions have already been answered.
  • stay on topic. that means you can post anything made from or into a t-shirt. no plugging rating communities, and no posts exclusively made to sell your item.
  • for specific topics like stencilling, skirts, or other crafts, look at the userinfo to find a more appropriate community. don't ask for a specific stencil here or how to make something non-t-shirt related, there are other comms to deal with those topics.
  • don't be offensive & criticize negatively. persistently nasty commenters will be banned.
    if you deliberately break these guidelines you will be banned. having said all that, enjoy the community, have fun and be crafty!
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    Some more shirts. woo hoo. [Sunday|18 Sep 2011|2:39am]

    [ mood | loved ]

    I wanted to post some more stuff but I didn't wanna overload. I gave up....

    Check, check, check it out...(oh so very picture heavy..heavy like an elephant heavy)Collapse )
    You should click on that link, It'll make me feel special.

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    Changing tank top straps? [Tuesday|13 Sep 2011|4:18pm]
    Hi there! Long time occasional reader, first time poster. Hopefully someone can help me!

    I have a gray spaghetti strap tank top that I got on the cheap for a costume. It fits and everything, but I had the idea to change the straps and the seam around the neck to a contrasting color of ribbon. Any idea how I could pull this off, without winging it and just wrapping the straps with the ribbon? Help!
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    Dango, that's a foxy shirt. [Sunday|11 Sep 2011|4:32am]

    [ mood | weird ]

    So someone asked me for a tutorial, and I was all bored so here you go.  Sorry, I wish there were more process pictures as well.

    Way much too long for a regular post, and also, slightly random.Collapse )
    I'm pretty sure I've missed something, allz ya gots to do is ask. And I'll be less confusing. promise.

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    [Thursday|08 Sep 2011|5:27pm]

    [ mood | accomplished ]

    Read more...Collapse )

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    My Very First T-Recon!!! [Sunday|04 Sep 2011|7:03pm]
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    Looking For Suggestions... [Friday|26 Aug 2011|9:01pm]

    [ mood | creative ]

    Hello thar!

    This is my first post. I got this sweet Bruce Lee shirt 11 years ago. I don't care for the long sleeves and I'm looking for mod suggestions. The shirt as it is now...Collapse )

    Anyway, if you have any suggestions (either simple sewing or strictly cutting) of how to modify this shirt, please let me know. I'm looking for some basic ideas because I'm still learning to sew. Also, I still want it to be a wearable shirt, not a tote bag or something. ;)


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    Modified Trench [Wednesday|17 Aug 2011|9:09pm]

    New little sewing/upcycling project!

    I found an mid-calf length trench awhile ago at a thrift shop, and decided I could hem it and add a few gold studs. Jen was gracious enough to model for me again - they changes were simple, but the pocket-flap studs and new mid-thigh length makes it trendy!



    And the after shots:

    Many More Pics and Close Ups!Collapse )
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    What is this style called so I can google it properly. [Sunday|14 Aug 2011|4:09pm]
    [ mood | determined ]

     So i've been trying to figure out the name of this style of tank for a little bit now so I can Google tutorials for it.  
     Visciousannamal make a blondie tank with it in this post. t-shirt-surgery.livejournal.com/5368092.html 
    Two triangles make up the cup and a body of a tee attaches below.

    If you know where I can find a good tutorial on it I would appreciate it a lot or even proper terminology so I can search myself.

    Thanks so much!


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    [Saturday|13 Aug 2011|10:53pm]


    An easy Tutorial to make your own Portal gear. Stenciled with stuff you already have, to get an aged,worn look.
    Find it on-

    Find more of my work @ Shinshay Originals
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    [Friday|12 Aug 2011|3:29pm]

     This is so damn easy to make, it's a no brainer but if you need a tutorial or find out how I did, just hit the link I put behind the cut!

    Continuing on in my Star Wars Month for my blog, I stuck letters to a plain black singlet and then sprayed bleach over it. Where the letters were didn't bleach much so I have a cute Princess Leia <3 Han Solo top!

    More pics + link to a tuteCollapse )
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    [Monday|08 Aug 2011|9:11am]

     Some more shirts I altered also on Ebay:

    Read more...Collapse )
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    [Monday|08 Aug 2011|8:51am]

     Hey Everyone!
    I'm moving across the country and I'm selling all my stuff. I'm getting rid of a lot of my altered t-shirts on Ebay....:


    Read more...Collapse ) Read more...Collapse )
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    Smoothtrooper Lovers Yo Mammas Flap-Jacks [Thursday|04 Aug 2011|3:20pm]

    [ mood | cheerful ]

    I turned this tee

    into this! [+ link to tutorial]Collapse )
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    Jedi Minidress [Monday|01 Aug 2011|11:10am]

    I made this minidress as part of a month long theme on my blog I'm calling Star Wars Month! It's a nod to the outfits the Jedi wore but I also wanted to make it wearable and less costumey. It's pretty costumey still but I can wear it to the shops now!

    I used stretchknit in a colour I call 'Jedi Beige' and the darker brown is from an old tee my mum gave me to cut up. I love the way it turned out! I made the pattern from a minidress I already had that fit me well :)

    The tutorial is here :) If you give it a go I'd LOVE to see what you come up with!

    May the Force be with you!
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    We can't stop here, this is bat country! [Saturday|30 Jul 2011|11:43am]

    I haven't done any printing in a looooong time but the other day I had a sudden urge to print something. Seeing how I'm kind of nuts over a certain movie (and seen it at least ten if not more times) I figured I'd make something related to it. I came up with a few ideas but decided on the following:

    We can't stop here, this is bat country!Collapse )
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    Super couple. [Saturday|16 Jul 2011|12:46pm]

    [ mood | dorky ]

    I have so many Superman shirts laying around, I finally decided to make something out of them! I made a girly one, with some Superman knit on the straps [can't see them in the pic!] and the other one I reversed the seams and top stitched them in red for a boy look. :D

    Superman-man pictureCollapse )

    They are on Etsy!! http://platipuses.etsy.com :]]]

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    Parachute surgery? Sure! [Friday|15 Jul 2011|10:29pm]


    In August 1944, Hensinger, a B-29 pilot, and his crew were returning from a bombing raid over Yowata, Japan, when their engine caught fire. The crew was forced to bail out. Suffering from only minor injuries, Hensinger used the parachute as a pillow and blanket as he waited to be rescued. He kept the parachute that had saved his life. He later proposed to his girlfriend Ruth in 1947, offering her the material for a gown.

    Ruth wanted to create a dress similar to one in the movie Gone with the Wind. She hired a local seamstress, Hilda Buck, to make the bodice and veil. Ruth made the skirt herself; she pulled up the strings on the parachute so that the dress would be shorter in the front and have a train in the back. The couple married July 19, 1947. The dress was also worn by the their daughter and by their son’s bride before being gifted to the Smithsonian.

    Original entry here: http://wedinator.icanhascheezburger.com/2011/06/08/funny-wedding-photos-parachute-wedding-dress-safety-and-fashion-first/
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    Piano Don't Get Chicks. [Monday|11 Jul 2011|1:55pm]

    [ mood | chipper ]

     It's been forever and I finally logged back into my Livejournal account!  I love that people still post here because everyone is such a huge inspiration.  I have been reconstructing a lot but I almost always forget to take pictures of my stuff. I'll try to get better at that now that it's the summer.  


    Here are a few of my latest things (or at least everything I could find a picture of):

    Pictures here! (I promise)Collapse )
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    t-shirt to kid's dress [Tuesday|28 Jun 2011|9:43am]


    My oldest daughters did a tye-dye project at pre-school to kick off the summer.  I asked them if they wanted to have a t-shirt like the other kids or if they'd rather have a tye-dye dress.  They both picked the dress option.

    So I purchased a pack of three men's small tshirts, pulled out some of their dresses that fit well, and started cutting.

    Pictures and Instructions under here!Collapse )

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    tshirt to diaper tutorial [Tuesday|28 Jun 2011|9:27am]

    [ mood | happy ]

     After lurking for a few years I've finally completed some t-shirt do-overs for my kids.  I'll split these into two posts, the first one being a cloth diaper for my youngest daughter.  My husband thinks I've lost my mind in wanting to make cloth diapers for this baby, so I decided to combine his favorite sports team (University of Tennessee Football) with a diaper in the hopes of winning him over to my side of the diapering fence.

    Pictures and instructions!Collapse )

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