You Are What You Eat (kerlyfries) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,
You Are What You Eat

Turned some oversized t-shirts into...

I'm new, both to this community and to sewing. I'm in the process of teaching myself how to use my sewing machine, and fumbling through okay I think considering I haven't really used anything to teach myself but sitting in front of it and trying it out.

Took a purple shirt, splattered it with bleach, then black and white paint...The sleeves became the chest. I want to replace the elastic straps with some black ribbon or something eventually....maybe.

Cut the sleeves open at the tops, hemmed all four parts, then added red strips (to match the heart and add some color) with pyramid studs. I also re-hemmed the edges of the sleeves, the neckline, and the bottom so it would look uniform.

Took a really old little boys Pokemon shirt and some scraps from a yellow tank top to make a halter dress.

Picked up an oversized shirt at Goodwill (it says "San Francisco California" on it), and used the remains of a black shirt I'd cut up a while ago to make a dress.

For both of the dresses I didn't really have a solid plan when I started, I kind of decided to just...wing it and see what happened. So I'm pretty pleased that they came out half-decent (in my opinion).

But what do you think? Be gentle, I'm a newbie, but I'd love some critique. Or tips. Or any kind of comment ;)

Side-note: Sorry for the awful mirror pics, ridiculous hair, and stupid faces. I belong behind a camera, not in front of one.

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