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Covering logos

I recently got a t shirt issued to me by my company, with a corporate logo on it, only to be informed that t shirts are not in our dress code so I can't wear it to work, so...what's the point?

So I decided to put the shirt to better use. I took the shirt (originally a men's L), cut it smaller so it fit me better, turned the crew neck into a V neck, and then added a blue "swoosh" spiraling down the shirt to conveniently cover the logo, and jazz it up.

I took pictures of the "adding a swoosh" part. First, I made a paper pattern to make sure I got it in the right shape so it looked nice on the shirt, which was a good idea, because once I got it to look nice on the shirt and then I laid the paper pattern flat, it looked really weird and I'd have never just decided to cut it out that way.

So here's the pattern on the back:


And then on the front: (as you might guess, the logo was on the left shoulder area)

Then here it is with the swoosh attached to the front, and then back:


And then here's me wearing it!
photo 1
photo 2

*Edit* I just realized it might be useful to have a picture of the paper pattern laid flat, so you can see how very un-spiraly it looks lol, so here goes:

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

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