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Yeh, I'm getting HUGE ((but only from the side can you tell! lol)) - only 3 weeks left

My friends have been calling me Max-imum. And making jokes about how Im as big as a MaxiTaxi.

So I havn't been making much stuff for myself because I'm such an odd shape right now + the things I want to wear just don't work anymore. But all my maternity stuff I've got is now too short.

Skirt made from a super awesome 80s tee I had. It was like a square with holes for the sleeves, bottom + neck. It was hilarious but I hadn't worn it for years so i chopped it up to make this super tight mini. I added a heart from a green tee I had + added a little matchign bow. I've been covering everything in hearts + bows + lace and it's just vomit-inducing but lol.

Made from t-shirt fabric, but not an actual t-shirt! Red + blacked checkered stretchknit with red stretchknit sleeves, hood-lining + heart.

haha - another bloody heart + bow

Check It out! I'm not even pregnant from the back!

Knickers made from scrappies!

That's all for the moment. I'll post again when my sister comes to visit + I force her to model for me.

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