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resize jeans tutorial =]

So before you jump down my throat, I got permission to make this tutorial from i_live_4_tetris, a mod of this community.

Do you have this:

and want this?

Then you're in the right place! Because today I'm going to show you how to transform huge old mom-jeans into adorable skinny jeans.

I decided to use red jeans and white thread so you can really see what I'm doing.

The first thing you do, once you have the jeans you'll be working with, is grab a pair of jeans that fit you well.

aaaand... flip 'em inside out!

p.s. you're gonna need your sewing machine for this. If you're planning on doing this by hand, you're crazy.

okay so now flip the pair of jeans you're working on inside out, and throw 'em on the floor. or some other big surface that you can spread things out.

most ladies jeans are pretty much the same length, unless they're size long or short or... you know.
but, the crotches are in much different places. the crotch of the jeans is what you really need to focus on for this resizing.

line them up by the tops. make sure the backs are at the same height, and the fronts are at the same height. you might have to mess around with how they're folded a little bit. as long as the two pairs match up. line them up at the center, the new pair in your case might be a lot wider but don't worry about that yet. make sure the backs of each and the fronts of each are lined up, that's really important.

the first thing you'll notice is that when they're lined up, the crotches of the two pairs of jeans are in way different spots!

see how the zipper of the red pants comes down even below the crotch of the blue pants? well, you can't cut the zipper, so for now you can only go up that high. This will usually be fine, your jeans might just be a slightly higher rise. lady jeans have much longer zippers than teen jeans, which means your zipper might go down lower.

so the big pants will probably stick out on both sides of the littler pants.... make sure the legs all lie flat in their natural position, making sure that there is always what i have as red pants under what i have as blue pants. you will probably have some red sticking out on both sides of the blue.... ignore the outsides for now, we get to that later, as for now, start cutting up the inner legs to the size of the blue pants, leaving yourself a seam allowance of course!

just make sure you stop as you approach the crotch area! because this part is more tricky.

grab just the top layer, you're going to cut the front of the crotch of the pants now.

cut to the shape of the smaller pants, leave yourself a seam allowance!

now, assuming you are a human being and have a buttocks, you need to cut the back part a little lower. Why? i don't know, but somehow this makes the difference between ladies fit jeans and teenager fit jeans. like you can see, the crotch of the jeans that i'm using as a guide is longer in the back and shorter in the front.

it isn't a huge difference, but now you get to realign the red jeans so that the front and back crotch parts line up... somehow this makes the jeans fit a whole lot better.

just to see how the whole pants are looking.

so this is showing how you align them, cause that didn't make much sense in my explanation. see how the front part is shorter than the back? you want to shift it so the crotches meet up.

like this

..and pin it.


start a little ways down the leg, not the bottom of the leg, so you don't have to seam rip the entire thing if it turns out you effed up.

it should look something like this.... personally I like to sew back and forth over the crotch a few times, it makes me feel safer. haha.

throw 'em on. you're going to be doing this a lot, so i'd advise not bothering to put on shoes or anything.

if there are no holes and the top of your pants is a good distance from the crotch, then you're free to continue.
my jeans look like they fit pretty well, if yours are still mega wide, YES you are doing the right thing. mine just weren't particularly wide to start with in this example.

starting from where you left off the sewing before, sew allllll the way down to the feet.

the bottoms probably won't line up... that is perfectly normal. it's only because you had to readjust the crotch of the jeans, which kind of pulled the front of the jeans down a bit lower than the back, making the fronts of the pants hang longer. don't ask.

this is what they look like now.

throw 'em on again!!!

...they're still a bit big, and the crotch is low which is making them buckle up funny in front.
i already went up to the zipper in front, so i can't really go higher, but there IS a way to cheat that I'll show you!

get out that seam ripper! because the zipper has this weird fabric thingy that goes down a lot lower than it does. so if you be really careful not to reach the zipper, you can rip that up a little bit to make more sewable space to bring the crotch up a smidge.

i was able to pull off about 3/4 of an inch.

since your pants are already realigned, you can just resew the crotch up a little bit higher.

now it looks like this.... if you're like me, very messy and ugly =D

so cut off the excess

aaaand... put 'em on!!

i personally like to eyeball this but feel free to use pins or a pen or whatever to get more exact.... you hafta feel on the outside how much too big your jeans are. in this case, the hips are about an inch too wide on each side.

**in the black jeans i made earlier, the entire pants was about 2 inches too wide on each side. You're just going to sew up however much needs to go, and remove it. In the black pants, I lost a belt loop on either side... don't worry about this, you can reattach it later.**

if the whole thing is too wide, you'll sew up the entire side and cut of the extra. it might not be too big at all, or it could be slightly too big like mine. just pick what needs to be reduced, turn it inside out, and... well, reduce it.

you can see I just sewed off what i wanted to just from where the jeans were still too big. in some cases this could be the entire side of the jeans. don't worry if you have to cut off the waistband too, if you lose a belt loop you can just stick it back on later. the pockets will be just fine also.

trim off the extra, throw them on, and tadaah! you have a beautiful new pair of jeans. that wasn't that hard, was it?

pair them with your favorite pair of sweater sleeve leg warmers, and you'll be the cutest kid on the block =]

THANKS FOR READING! i hope you could make some awesome jeans with my help.

if you resize pants with this, it would be awesome if you could post them as a response or something, I'd love to see!

I super hope that this was useful to all you awesome creative people. ^.^

Peace out now!

To make these jeans last a lot longer, do a zigzag stitch over the seams you made.
Thanks to tigerhunting and sceneasfuck for the tip =]
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