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tutorial for halter-esque shirt

because a number of you asked:

final product:

i won't pretend that i always know what i'm doing, so please take this tut as simply what i did to make the shirts.  you or someone else may have ideas on how to do parts of it better.  if you do, please comment for the benefit of everyone else.

N.B. you might notice that i've been doing something with my posts that i'd like to see more of in this community:
i'm giving them specific subjects, i.e. not "weeee!"  or "help me, i'm stuck!" or "yay for fabric!" or any other phrase that doesn't tell anyone what the post contains.  i love the enthusiasm, but i love it best inside the post.  apt subjects will make it so much easier to search the archives.
well, that's my two cents.  ;)
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