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hey everyone!

I randomly found something on google that may make everyone's lives easier. I know this doesn't directly pertain to tee's, but I've heard a lot of questions on here about making puffy sleeves [from tee material, of course ;) ].

So, here we go:

This picture shows three different ways of making puffy sleeves, with both ends puffed, the top puffed, or the bottom puffed.
The pattern the direct left of each example is an original sleeve pattern, and the pattern on the right is how to *widen* the original pattern in order to make a pattern for the puffed sleeve shown.

I'm sorry this post doesn't directly have to do with tees, but I know I've been looking for a picture like that for a long time, and it will definately make my life easier from now on!


Also, I have several photos I took the other day of recreations that I've done in the past while, but I have had some trouble getting them from my computer to LJ. I'm going to have to fool around with photobox or something, I suppose, but waiting for them to upload to the site is hell with dialup...

Anyway, toodles everyone!
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