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sun and fun!!

so I've got a july 4th bbq to go to, so I figured I needed a patriotic thing to wear, and my most patriotic shirt didn't really fit too well anymore.....
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the back bottoms are a little wonky,I know. there was so much labor of love that went into those. first I tried to do boyshorts but I didnt have enough fabric. so I added the lace panels on the sides, which didnt make them much better. so I made them non-boyshorts, but the back was still kind of...not enough coverage and it was still kind or tight, so I used the lace to make eyelets and made tie sides and then added some banding all around the back with scraps....

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a closeup on the top- I managed to salvage the white stuff that had been around the armholes and use it for the arm/back on the top of the suit

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and a closeup of the bottom ties (sorry for the slightly urky tattoo, its ALMOST done healing :D)

ahh, should be a good weekend!

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