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First-time poster!

Hi, everyone!

So this is my first surgery, and it's made from a neon green adult medium t-shirt. (It looks lighter in the pictures than it really is.) Since I don't have much experience, I figured I'd make something simple the first time around...

I don't have a sewing machine, and hand sewing this was an absolute bitch. Not to mention the stitching by the strap is a bit sloppy. (Sorry!)

The shirt actually stops right around where my butt starts, so it's almost tunic-length (which I like).

Contrary to the appearance in this picture, the front is symmetrical. I just need to stop leaning to one side when taking pictures. ^_^

And there's the side. I can go braless if I want to (considering I have no boobs anyway, this isn't really anything new, but...)

Constructive criticism, anyone? Thanks in advance!
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