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okay, so i haven't posted in awhile. so i cant remember if i've posted these first two before or not.

1. resize + salvaged tshirt images

my dog ate that alkaline trio shirt the day after i got it [in case you were wondering], so i never wore it. hence "salvaged."

2. resize + random material + image from another shirt that i never wore [color was icky]

shirt i got for free from Atlantic Station [hehe some friends and i broke into it on the grand opening and stole some shirts]. Hidden In Plain Veiw image from shirt. i hated the green and it fit funny. annnd the black and sliver pinstrip stuff is from some capris that didn't fit anymore.

3. simple resize...both don't look really any different
why i'm posting them? because i can. deal. : )





4. resize + puff sleeves - puff sleeves + i'm just awesome.


that's right. i was a People to People Student Ambassador. and i was so badA, that they pretty much didn't want me to go to anymore of their alumni meetings after I traveled with them. haha

damn straight.

5. resize + terrible sewing/cutting skills + side seems thanks to love handles ; )


i'm too lazy to flip them around. the front says "you're fucked!" it's a glassjaw shirt. anddd the back says "dinner is on us." it's quite comfy, actually. minus the gym shorts.

annd i have some questions. i ahve these two shirts that i love, but have no idea what to do with them. i dont want to make bags or things like that out of them because i'll never use them and my sewing is terrible so it would never sell. so i kind of want to keep it in the clothing area. i checked around the memories and other places for some ideas, but im pretty fried. here's the shirts:

obviously, they're both too small for me. one is a polo [so thicker material] and the other is fairly thin tshirt material.

constructive criticism + suggestions are welcome.

<img src="" border="1px> peace.
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