theturtlemaggie (theturtlemaggie) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

this was allready the cutest shirt ever, but i still had to make it cuter :) so i made it fit better, and added trim, tie straps, buttons and a cute little keyhole!

close uuuuuuup....cutest print ever!!!

Extra super short mini made out of a crazy two tone screened sex pistols tee and some stripey fabric....

close up :) i love the wavy stitch i used for the elastic at the waist! fancyyy...

i was worried that this shirt was going to turn out too boring, but nope! i love it! it's juuuuust perfect :D. made from the best super thin sheer-ish tshirt knit, black lace, and black tees for the trim!

i made this out of a allready had the pocket there, but i slimmed it down (only a bit, it's actually a medium/large and pinned back in the pics!!) and i gave it bright turquoise banding, ties, a deep V neck and blah blah blah...i loooooooove it!

i actually found this pink tshirt fabric with hand-screened skulls and hearts on ebay! how neat is that? i've allways wanted to screen my own fabric designs....but i'm too lazy to learn how to print. HEY! is anyone here REALLY good at screenprinting and willing to print me some fabric?? eh? eh???'s the top!

(mmm...thank you, sweetheart neckline, for giving me boobs in this picture.)

uhhh....long-live my dino obsession?

this took FOREVERRRRRRRR but i loove it! it's made out of the cutest white pinstripe fabric with red sailboats and another one of those NOT so perfect-fit old navy tees.


i made two of these half zip shrug jacket type thingies cause i love the design so much! for both i used stuper stretchy striped tshirt fabrics and black tees for the trim!!!

teal and pink with heart patches:

aaannndd neon pink and green with leopard!

okay i'm done!!

you know the drill....
if you wanna bid...

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