faiytrip (fairytrip) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

Overlocking = overwhelmed?

Okay, I checked the memories as I'm a newbie (greetings from down under) but couldn't find a definitive answer to my question.

I just bought my first (and very basic) sewing machine and am attempting surgery.

What I notice though is that the sides of my shirts along the seams (not the actual stitching) are coming out curvy and not laying straight even after ironing. Is this because I don't have an overlocker? Are overlockers a MUST for sewing with stretch knit fabrics like tshirts?

Or is it better to learn how to reconstruct and make shirts from scratch on a sewing machine first so I understand the actual workings of how the different parts go together?

All opinions MUCH APPRECIATED! All your posts are what is keeping me motivated to keep on keeping on during my frustrated moments so thanks heaps.


PS: I also posted this in tshirt_surgery, not realizing there are two separate groups with similiar names. Sorry!
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