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TUTORIAL!!!! For these two shirts....

(a little image heavy..)

please let me know if this is helpful or not!!!

ok.. so this is my first tutorial and holy crap they are hard to make.. props to everyone who has made one before..

if you know how to make a puffy sleeve already then this shirt is a super fast piece of cake..

i tried to explain it as best as i could.. but my mom is a seamstress and there is really no match for having someone personally teach you sewing tricks and tips.. hopefully a few people can learn from this though....

good luck!!!


cut polo like this:

cut bottom part of shirt out of another t-shirt or material and attach to top:
i.e. this:

or this:


* ok so this is pretty complicated if you have never done a gathered sleeve before. i tried to break it down so that even a novice sewer with no one to show them how to do it might be able to figure it out.. sorry if its confusing.

first you need a gathered sleeve pattern.. if you already have one it makes this super easy.. just follow that. if not, here is how to make one.

get a basic sleeve pattern
(if you dont have one trace the sleeve you cut out like this)

cut it out so you have something like this

add seam allowance to the entire thing (about 1/4 inch)
then you have a basic sleeve pattern.

now, making that into the puffy sleeve.

cut your basic patttern as shown

then spread open the cuts like so

pretend you have a dotted line at the top and bottom and cut that out of your sleeve fabric
they should look a little something like this.

now you are going to lengthen your stich as much as possible and loosen the tension so that the thread is easy to pull and sew a line 1/4 inch away from the edge of the tob bell and the bottom of the sleeve (the bottom line is not shown here)
* later you will pull one of these threads and it will create gathers so that the sleeve can fit inside the sleeve hole

fold the sleeve in half and sew the sides together

now pull the string you sewed at the top earlier and make the gathers even throughout.
then pin it in the sleeve hole the same way you would a normal sleeve

sew in(making sure to sew in front of the original thread you used to gather so it wont show through)

now for the bottom cuff of the sleeve

measure around your arm where the cuff will be

hopefully that will be around the same length as one of your sleeves laid out..( if not i would advise to just use a different scrap of fabric)

i cut it this way so that i can have the opposite band of color as the bottom edge of the cuff

make as close to a rectangle as you can get out of that scrap

then sew the ends together so you have a circle the same circumfrence as your arm.

fold over and pin so that the color you want is at the bottom of the folded edge

pin in the bottom edge of the sleeve using to the open edges of the cuff using the same method as the top of the sleeve

then you should have something like this

do the other sleeve.. and hem the bottom however you want (i used the same method as i did for the cuff of the sleeve, making a 2 inch white folded band at the bottom)

pop your collar and you are ready to go!!!!

if anyone does make this shirt i would love to see it!!! and let me know how helpful/ confusing this tutorial was so i can make the next ones better...

have a rad day everyone!!!

oh.. and be my myspace friend.. haha
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