Anne-Mari (anzgu) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,


Ok... I think I figured a way to make a tutorial...

So I'm talking about this:

1. Make two tubes. One as you'd make a normal tubetop and one that's about 7cm wider on both sides and 10-15cm long depending on how much runching you want on the top. Hem the upper part of the wider tube. Don't mind the cutting marks in the pic. I got confused...

2. Sew strips of fabric on the inside of the upper tube so they make these "double lanes" for the straps, as in the pic. Do them on both front- and backside

3. Make eight straps and put them inside the "lanes". Attach from one end.

4. Mark the middle front and middle back on both tubes and aline them. Attach the upper tube on to the tubetop so that ant extra material from the upper tube is left on the side. Leave ab. 6cm wide openings on the tubetops upper part for your arms. Hem around where your arms would be.

5. Pull the strings so the upper tube runches.

And the end resault should look like the first pic. You can move the shoulder- parts around, like so...


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