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i started with one of my brother's nightmare before christmas shirts, and big blue jean jacket.

the nightmare before c-mas shirt was my brothers, but i washed it in hot water and it shrunk and he couldn't fit in it anymore. so he gave it to me... ha ha. accident? maybe. maybe not. lol.
andyway so i had this cool shirt it was a little too big so i resized it and added poofed sleeves. this was the first time i've done poofed sleeves and i love them!

the whole thing.

closer.. ya kinda hard to see, sry.

emphasis on the puffy.

then i had this jacket that was a medium and i wear a small. i decided i wanted to make it into a vest. soo...


sry i don't have a better pic :) but i cut off the bottom and the sleeves and took it in on the sides. yay!
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