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Mama's pajamas ==> peekaboo tank

My mama gave me a pair of pajamas that were embarassingly girly but incredibly cute a few years ago, however, like most things now, they're too big and just...gah. Flowery. And the buttons didn't like to stay buttoned, leaving me more often than not rather exposed come morning:

I know. Teehee. So! Lopped sleeves off, sliced it through the center and down the sides, added some darts to properly contain the boobage, split the lower half of the back and made the overlapping peekaboo for my tattoo (inspired by a top I picked up at Torrid last year that does the same):

Kept the neckline where it was, but offset the buttons in the front... I think maybe I should have offset them a little further or lined them up. Hmm. Either way, the color and print are my enemies in these pix, as they are seriously adding some spread (and I am not small to begin with. :D :D), but it's seriously cute IRL. My kid followed me around the house going, "Mom that is so cool!"

Of course, he's five, so, take that with a grain of salt. :)

I also learned lots of fun things today, like:
1) Take the Buttons Off (even if you're just going to put them back on).
2) Knit is interesting to Not Stretch while sewing.
3) Hey, I don't care How Lazy You Are, go out and buy some matching thread. :P
4) Double check the armhole seam allowance *before* you cut (*facepalm* - but hey, the seam is really small and looks good, so no worries there. :P)
5) Darts for your breasts both under and at the underarm are an excellent idea. Brilliant even.
6) Lock the door while trying it on, or else your kid will burst in at the most inopportune moment and exclaim, "EWW! BRA!" (of course, you'd think I'd learned this earlier in his life, but see above re: lazy)

:D Happy Sunday!
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