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OK, this is a very long waited post... I'm posting a tutorial for the bad reindeer purse I made a long while back. It holds kleenexes. The tutorial is a bit lengthy but should be relatively easy to understand. If there's anything confusing, just comment and I can see what I can do to help. Post your results!!!

p.s. I added some pictures of my glitter purses b/c people wanted to see them.

Stolen straight from the entry:

it's kind of hard to tell but I added a pouch for kleenexes, seeing as I tried to make this purse back in december... but then my sewing machine broke.

I just used the red bad reindeer shirt, and fabric that I had gotten at some fabric store, added buttons for the kleenex holder, and it has a velcro closure.

*Note, all colors for the fabric parts are the right side out, if there's no color then it's the "bad" side.

Click here for a printer friendly version. :)

and now for some glitter action!

Sorry there's so few, I have more, I just don't have pictures of them in my image hosting site, or on my webpage, which is where those are from. :)
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