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Some reconstructions below, but I have a kind of off-topic question. Are any of you in Seattle and interested in consigning some of your stuff? Thanks!!

Thought I'd post the outcome of a t-shirt I asked about a while ago... It's kind of blah. I learned that I do not like working with bias tape. :P

This isn't a shirt - it was a robe, but I was hoping to get some feedback. I'm thinking about putting a fake corset thing on the waist so it looks more finished. Yes/no?
slutty cowgirl

And this one I did this afternoon. It was an extra long men's shirt with a really small neck. I kind of botched the cutting and the neckline isn't symmetrical, but I dig it. :D

notched sleeve detail long in back
(isn't the bottom weird? it was just like that on the original shirt, really long in back.)

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