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Never found time to post t-shirt recons but now that exams + school is over...

There aren't any before pictures =( Sorry!

So, first recon was done a year ago and was just a very old music camp t-shirt (1996!) and an old dress shirt slapped together.

music camp!
Tada~ I didn't bother to resize the t-shirt because I liked it baggy.

Second recon...the never-gets-old-well-maybe t-shirt to skirt!
This was based on one of the tutorials in the memories, the 10-minutes or less skirt. Haha...but I kind of changed it a bit. Made of two t-shirts, it was supposed to be only one...but I screwed it up and tried to fix it with two.

It's a black & white =O
(My fitted sheets are uber cool =P)

Wearing it, side-view. It sits lower on the waist.
Thought it was a bit too plain just black & white so I added a stencil. Mmhmm.

AND...that's about it.
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