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Operation Ivy Tube top

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I gave it a checkered band, white picot elastic to hold it up and a bit of bust ruching. The back has triangular fishnet panels but you can't really tell from the pix.

Rancid Halter Top

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Arg!! I was not having a good day with my camera so I went back and re-took a lot of pics because I wasn't happy with them. I couldn't get a good pic of this shirt so I threw it onto my mannequin; it looks better on her anyway! I really like the trigger hooks/D-ring detailing on this one and the checkered eyelet tape which matched perfectly with the shirt. I kept the rest of it simple with some red picot elastic and a bit of bust ruching.

Green Jelly Recon

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Oh man, has anyone heard of this band? They're soooo bad, but in a good way :P This one is just a resize and a neckline change, but it turned out so fits like a dream.

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Thanks for looking!!


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