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My first ever t-shirt surgeries!

Hey all! These are my first creations. They're kind of suckish, but considering that I have only ever sewn twice in my life besides today, I think they're pretty good. Pretend you can't see my horrible bathroom wall paper and all the junk on my shelves. Thank you. :)

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My first was an experimentation with my old favorite shirt that didn't fit anymore. I cut off the bottom of another shirt that was too short and sewed it to the bottom of the shirt, then I cut a "V" on the front and back collars and on the front, I sewed on a piece of the other shirt. The sleeves were a bit too small so I made them flutter sleeves.

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My second experimentation was an old Mavericks shirt that I stole from my grandmother. I cut off the sleeves, the bottom hem, and the sides and sewed it up! It fits a lot better than it did when I started!

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My third experiment was in the form of a super cute pink spaghetti strap shirt with clouds that was originally a sleep shirt. It fit well, but it was a bit short, so what did I do? I stole one of my daddy's old undershirts, cut the midsection off and sewed it between the two pieces of the spaghetti strap I cut in half. Voila! Cute shirt!

What do you guys think?
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