jessica_herndon (jessica_herndon) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

so this one time. i was really super bored. and i redid my myspace today...which totally sucks. and i was like i need new pictures. and i have no clothes. cant go naked. and i wanted to wear black. so. i did this. pretend its not tight and shit.
my dad got bored one day when i was like 9 and took some fabric paint and wrote my name on a XL black t-shirt in glitter paint and for some reason i kept it. it was mad itchy. and i like tube tops. a lot. so i made a thing. sweet jesus that picture is huge. sorry. then theres the little glittery part that i kinda liked. so. i left it. thats a little upside down. pretend its not. and the myspace picture:
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