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no boy pictures this week! all you get is me :(
also: my descriptions are all hideously rushed and probably overly excited sounding. but i'm too lazy to change them.

black sabbath victorian tunic

this adorable top was made with an awesome (but boring) black sabbath tee in fuschia! i added a black victorian lace yoke for it, for the back, i made it a low cut and added cris-crossed bra straps to form an "X" on the back. the sleeves are finished with a ruffled elastic trim and the collar has a black elastic trim with black hearts around it :)

beatles tunic

this little tunic is SO cute! i used an awesome BEATLES shirt in a lavender colour with a dark purple print on it. i just happened to have an identically matching purple knit fabric, so i used that to make an elastisized band at the top, a section just below the bust and panels at each side of the busy. the back also has an adorable purple tie & printed on the back is also "LET IT BE" :) ...i'd recommend wearing this top with some pants! hahaha, it looks mighty scandalous with just my leggings ;)

unraveling tunic

sooo, this amazingly adorable little tunic dress was made from a previously used giant t-shirt! the black fabric is a tiny bit faded... but it's still an amazing shirt! the print on the front is from the album cover of rise against's album the unraveling (artwork by: tim biedron!) and the back of the top has a print in white & yellow that says "the unraveling" it's just a simple tunic dress that can be worn as a dress or as a top, with jeans, but i used a ribbed yellow jersey knit fabric to create that adorable empire waistline look! the top is elastisized with black elastic trim with little black hearts on it, so it won't slip down on you! (note: it IS strapless... that's my brastraps you are seeing in the photos!)

kiss camisole

oh man, the pictures of this top DO NOT do it justice! i know a lot of people say that, but in this case it's true. a LOT of people have been bugging me, so it's a size large, so it was tough for me to model it without it looking really silly. in the photos i have it both pinned in at the sides AND pinned shorter SO CHECK THE MEASUREMENTS! anyways, this shirt was made with an awesome KISS shirt with the print in CAMO! :) the front panel is an inverted triangular shape and it's the same pattern at the back. the side panels (which are pinned to look much smaller on me) are a darker green colour and the top is finished with black elastic trim with black hearts on it & the bottom is banded in black. the straps are made of a brastrap elastic & they are cris crossed at the back (ignore my brastraps! sorry!)

okay, i've posted this before...

blood brothers hoodie

originally i made this hoodie to sell but i kept it for myself for a looooong time, because just LOOK at how gorgeous it is!! but as usual, it was one of the million things that i never wore :( soooo i know a lot of people liked it. here's your chance!!
i made this hoodie out of a blood brothers t-shirt that has a victorian lady/robot printed on it in white & pink. the front has a long zipper in a perfectly matching pink colour & the hood is lined with a light pink fleece as well! the sleeves are extra long cause of the black and white striped cuffs & the hoodie itself is really lightweight & fits snugly! it looks adorable on & you'll totally stand out :)

the usual! ... :)

skinny jeans, gold belt, monster purse, leopard print
blood brothers, rise against, black sabbath, beatles, kiss,
military style shirt & hoodies!

ps, this is our last batch of auctions for a while because we're gonna be on a one month hiatus for all of july! so really, bid now!
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