Mary (kantsuu) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

dress and stenciled t-shirt

It's 4:25 in the morning.. hell. Gameboy dress and Mod Target (as worn by The Who) stenciled on a shirt:
I'm not sure that the dress is totally finished yet... I'm probably going to add some kind of straps. Aside from that, I may change the neckline... I'd either make it a sweetheart neckline or take off the black / move the design on the shirt up.



The third pic is how it would look without the black neckline (obviously), kind of how I might change it to.

Mod target! I love this one. I got to impersonate Keith Moon in my history class, so naturally I painted a snazzy design on a shirt. I used spray paint for it so it would end up looking smooth. I'm not sure how it'll wash yet, I guess I'll find out later.

Clearly I look a lot better when I'm functioning.  Time for bed.

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