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Hi there!

I was dismayed when I bought a new bicycle and realised that I could not fit my usual messengerbag in the basket on it. So, inspired by the community, I decided to make a new one. It is made from a large t-shirt and an old jeans-skirt that was too small for me.

The shoulderstrap is made from some scraps I had laying around. Not t-shirt jersey though.

The inside. I am quite proud of this idea.

That's the bag. Besides that I have a question - is there an easy way to remove print from a t-shirt? My husband works in a kiosk and gets promotional t-shirts all the time but the print is horrendous and non-wearable. Can I remove it someway that is not putting a patch over it?

That is all for now...

EDIT: Here is an image of the bag in the basket of my bike - oh and camels.

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