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In response to this shirt :

Here's what it ended up looking like.  Somewhat different, but the same concept, no?  And disregard the funny face, I forgot to crop this before posting.
I've also included a step by step of how I made it.
(Warning, very image heavy)

Here's here I acheived this effect.

I was going to use the short sleeve shirt as a reference, but I decided not to after I took the pic.  So..  ignore that one.  The other two are the shirts I ended up using.  And right in the beginning I discovered that the front of the shirts were double layered, as they are pretty thin.  But that gave me that much more fabric to work with :)

I cut off the sleeves of the shirt that I was going to use for the bulk of the shirt I made.  I also cut the seams down the sides.

Folded it in half and cut it up the middle to make two sides.

The two sides.

This was originally going to be the strip down the middle, but I remembered I was going to lengthen the shirt cause they were both quite small, so I ended up using this for part of the collar.

I cut from the armpit to armpit of the second shirt, and down a few inches.  These will be the two panels across the boobs.

I cut from the armpit of the first shirt to the end, and placed the blue where I wanted it.  The strip next to it is the new strip that I made to go down the middle.

From the sleeves of the second shirt, I cut 2 strips that I was going to end up sewing end to end, and these end up being the ruffle.

All the pieces that you'll end up needing. 

Now to start sewing:

Sew in the blue panels.  I ended up double layering the blue since it was more see-through than the black, and I figured it would be right near my boobs/bra, so I didn't want to show off my goods :)

Sew the two blue strips together, and baste down one side.  Pull on one thread, and the material should ruffle like this.

I sewed the ruffle onto the black strip to go down the middle.  I just sewed down my basting seam.

This part was tricky the first part around.  Place the ruffle/black strip ruffle side down on the right side of whatever side you want the ruffle to be on the shirt.  Be sure you don't sew the ruffle down in funny places, like I did when I basted it to make sure that was where I wanted it.

It should end up looking like this when you flip over the ruffle/strip to the right side.

I don't believe this was in the 'pieces you'll need' pic, because I ended up finding out I needed more stuff along the way.  This part is the strip opposite the black strip.  Sew this to the opposite front side piece as the ruffle is on. 

I placed the two front sides together, right sides together, and sewed them together from the edge of the black strip.  When you get up to where the blue strip, be sure that the strip is facing the way it should before sewing it down to the blue strip.  You may want to sew along the diagonal where the two split.

Another piece that I didn't show.  Because I was lengthening the front side, I had to lengthen the back side.  So I took a strip of blue and shoved it in the middle of the back piece.

I sewed up the sides and added little blue sleeves that are also not shown in the 'pieces you'll need' pic.  This is what I ended up with.

Some more hands-on pics.  See how see-through it is?  Guess I'll have to wear the black bra with this shirt :)

Side pic.  I love the ruffle.  I wasn't sure if this material was going to ruffle how I wanted it to, but it turned out pretty cute.

Boob shot.  One of the blue panels goes a little higher than the other, but oh well.  Oh yeah, I didn't show pics of the collar or anything, lol.  Just sewed it around the top of it.  I added one button so that it wouldn't flop around.

It didn't turn out exactly like the original pic, but i just wanted to make something similar.  And I'm rather proud :)

Comments/questions?  Does it make sense how I made it?


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