Anna (viciousannamal) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

Not too many new things... but some sutff I'm definitely proud of!

Lime green zebra cropped hoodie! Made out of lycra and the black parts are scraps left over from.....

this shirt! It was a HUGE t-shirt starting out... the zebra part was a Guess shirt. I combined the two together into one super shirt!! dun dun dunnnn....oh and heres the back


this was a womens long sleeve shirt and a girls long sleeve shirt. I combined them into a fun yoke/tunic/racerback tank!

This was a kids dinosaur shirt. I just chopped off the bottom and used that part for the bottom band, cut a wide neck, shortened the sleeves, and finished the edges with red picot elastic. Raaaaaaar!

Basic tube dress out of a jager shirt. I sewed about 2" of elastic at the boob part so that it gathers slightly, giving some shape to the neckline. I double-flounced the hem. It isn't as ruffly and I wanted it to be, but still looks okay

I made this wrap shirt using hello kitty fabric and bright blue t-shirt scraps. My camera makes it look not so bright blue... well I guess it's more of a colbalt...

Excuse the goofy face.. whales just make me so happy! The navy is t-shirt fabric. This is one of my favorite things I've made in awhile! I've been on this pearly-snap phase lately.. they are so easy to set! Takes so much less time to put in snaps than buttons! Though my machine will sew buttons on for me, I still like snaps better!
I'm not sure if this is allowed. but.. I'm so proud of it.. muh baby!
I wanted it for myself but I made it too small.. I DID do a slight photo tutorial. I know there was all this jazz goin on lately about biker jackets... theturtlemaggie did a drawing tutorial... buutt.. if anyone ones a photo one let me know!

comments! suggestions! constructive crit!
oh and everything is for sale here!!!!
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