sminonder (sminonder) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,


Ever since I was like... 9 years old, I've always designed stuff, but my "dad" sold my sewing machine when I was that old too. (Plus, wee kids and needles....)

But now, I've joined this comm, and love, love, love, the designs that come spewing out of people. However, since I've broken my fingers for the ... oh... millionth time, my ability to sew in a straight line is somewhat hampered. And; no sewing machine.

So. If there are any ways to stick fabric together with no sewing involved... well, are there any ways to stick fabric together with no sewing? I remember something about iron-on tape... kinda like fabric glue on a strip? Is that any good for durability? (Oh and I don't live in America, I live in Scotland so please don't give me American shops or products I can't get in the U.K.)

I promise I'll be good and post pictures :)


P.S. And I promise no buttons, hearts, stars, dinosaurs, robots or stripes. Add or delete from list as appropiate to individual tastes :)
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