allie_x_core (allie_x_core) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

Okay, I have a bag that I made out of shirts.
I have all the peices complete, but I'm putting the straps in.
Im having trouble deciding how to put the liner, straps, and a band at the top on, so that it looks cleaner where i put the liner in. I'm thinking, I can pull the liner up, and then sew it to the outside, but then you would see the straps. If I put the straps in between the liner and the outside, then I couldnt fold the liner up, but I could cut a peice, and sew it on, however It would not cover the seam at the top very well. Sorry if this is confusing. Any ideas? I must be done the purse by 1:00, so I'm kind of on a time crunch.
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