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Yay first post!

Just wanted to share what all I've done so far. The first 3 were done a couple of years ago, and the last three have been done within the past week. Everything was hand sewn. Im still a newbie, so there's a lotta rookie mistakes. And my camera's crap so I apologize for poor picture quality.

First surgery I ever did. Just a simple resize. 'Cept, something went wrong with the sewing machine and it didn't stay together. I needed an emergency quick fix since I was wearing the shirt to the midnight show of The Matrix Reloaded (before we knew any better about the sequels).

Another oldie. I love Superman, and in junior high when Superman shirts started hitting the stores, I bought one right away. But then EVERYONE had one, and I really hate wearing the same thing as everyone else. Then I realized that none of the shirts out there had a cape. I ripped a boring red shirt in half, trimmed it so that i was rectangular and sewed it to the back of the shirt.

This one isn't much of a surgery, just an idea for a quick fix that I wanted to share. Everyone at school had to wear these shirts on field day (the color of the shirt indicated the class year). As I mentioned, I hate wearing the same thing as everyone else, so I had to do at least something to it. The sleeves were a bit long, but I knew someone else was already planning on safety pinning them up, which woulda been my solution. So then I came up with what's shown below. Just sewed big X's to hold the sleeves up.

This began its life as a girls XL shirt. The sleeves looked funny and it was a bit long. I originally intended to do an off-shoulder tee, but I got confused right away so I abandoned that idea. Cut off the sleeves and trimmed the bottom. I didn't pay attention when I cut the sleeves, so one side is cut more than the other. I attached the sleeve bits just under the arm holes to create the arm bands in order to distract from the lopsidedness.

Originally a guy's XL shirt. Sorta followed the Off shoulder 2 tutorial from Ohmystars. Instead of sewing on a band of material at the top, I just folded the top down and sewed it.

Last one. Started off from a guy's L shirt. I used the scraps from the peeps shirt and cut the bottom off another big black shirt to do the straps and trim. So yeah, resized, put a band of material at the top and bottom. Sewed some material together to make thick straps and tacked those on. I'm really proud of the design of this one, even though it didn't come out quite as well as I'd hoped. And sadly, the pictures dont do it much justice

That's it for now, but hopefully there'll be much more from me this summer!!


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