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Hi! :D Long time crafty chick, relatively recent member of t_shirt_surgery, and today took some ideas from the comm and performed an (I think) successful surgery on an old favorite.

Though I've recently lost a significant amount of weight, I'm currently wearing a 14/16 top, and recent postings on related matters spurred me on to go forth and surger-ize. And then share. :D

This is my Something Wicked this Way Comes shirt which I bought a month or two before the Prisoner of Azkaban movie premiere in March of 2004. By this March, it woefully resembled a big box (though I was a geek and didn't take a 'before' shot of me wearing it):

As you can see, entirely too awesome to give up or let languish in the closet. So! I went to Michaels and bought a box of 50 1/8" eyelets and an eyelet tool for a total of about $3.50 and then came home, measured my new favorite shirt against the inside of the SWWC shirt, marked it up with a crayon and went at it with the scissors and the sewing machine. I ended up taking about four inches off of each side and lopping a significant amount of sleeve off. I had enough room to make a triple-layer hem about an 3/4" wide on the raw edges. I then put seven eyelets on each side and threaded them through with silver and purple ribbon (though I may go back and replace it with fat, orange satin ribbon instead):

Yay! Nothing tooo complicated, but I'm pleased nonetheless. And since I'm joining the throng of HP fangirls headed for Lumos, I'll need the ventilation up the sides for Vegas in JULY. :D I think I'm taking the scalpel to my DMB shirt next and going for a tank top, probably :P.

So anyway. Glad to be here. You are all incredibly talented, and have given me some seriously creative and ambitious ideas. Thanks guys! ♥
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