theturtlemaggie (theturtlemaggie) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

okay okay...i wasn't even going to try to explain how to make a moto jacket cause
A...i'm lazy. and,
B...i'm bad at explaining things.
BUT. i saw the last post, and no offence to the person who made it, but i don't really think it's the right pattern you guys were looking for :P even though it was CUTE AS HELL. it's just not a proper motorcycle jacket :).


bear with me here...

1. that's just the back piece. cut it to size, as you would cut something to fit you.

2 & 3. the front pieces. you are going to extend them a couple of inches bigger in the middle, so that when you line the side seams up to the back piece, they overlap to about 3/4 of the way over (as shown in 3!!) see those purple dotted lines?? you need to line up to there. or the entire front pieces, but i just lined mine to there.... you can sew/serge them on the outside, or sew them right sides FACING eachother and topstitch the outside for a cleaner look :).

4. that's what it ends up looking like. when folded down, the front becomes the lapels. yay :) oh the shoulder seams together now!

5. (it DOES say 5, even though it looks like a 3.) cut two pieces for the collar and serge/sew/topstitch around, or use the same method you used to line the lapels, it from halfway down one lapel, around the back, and to the other. did that make sense? i told you i suck at explaining things...

6. how it should look. the purple line is just where the zipper should be placed. you can also use a shorter zipper if you don't need the option of zipping it allllll the way up :)

***uh, yeah. basically, i assume that if you are going to attempt a motorcycle jacket, then you allready know how to make sleeves, cuffs, a waistband, i am not going to explain those parts. :)***

i'm not sure if everyone does this allready, but i think it's worthy of yer damn sleeves on BEFORE you sew up the side seams. it makes things a lot easier! for the longest time i would do the side seams first, and it was hectic. ack.



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