i'd smile for you too (______andmaps) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,
i'd smile for you too

hello! so okay, i am thinking of making a bag quite similar to this one, posted not too long ago!

the link: http://community.livejournal.com/t_shirt_surgery/4111706.html?view=69247066#t69247066

but.. i have two questions:

is there a specific tutorial that could follow that? i'm looking at it & i'm not exactly sure on what to do. i already looked on craftster too.. i'm just confused cos it's with a freakin' pair of pants instead.

oh yes, second question. the fabric i am using is this faded grey-blue pair of corduroy pants. it was like, baby clothes from a million years ago. any suggestion to what pattern &/or color lining it should be? i'll probably end up using whatever old baby clothes' fabric i have at home.

aaaand. last one, i promise :) for the bag, could i use a button snap to close it? i don't really have zippers at home right now. when i mean button snap, just basically like a strip of fabric with a button snap sewed in on the end?? that sounds confusing, but i hope whoever reads this gets it.

well okay. oh right, & i went to this big, beautiful thrift store with some girlfriends today. i got this TOTALLY cute b/w polka dot dress & a pink/black polka dot cami! they're totally cute, but i'm planning on making some adjustments, so i'll post pictures soon :)

thanks in advance!

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