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First surgery, hoodie

I started out with a sleeveless hoodie and a black and pink striped shirt.

I cut off the quarter sleeves from the pink and black striped shirt and attached them to the hoodie.
I didn't like the bottom of the hoodie because it was flimsy and didn't cling much so I added pieces of the shirt to the bottom. It's a bit tight but I like it that way!

I didn't like the hoodie so I cut it off, added a lining on the inside, the bottom of the hood and added a strip on the top. I left it open on the neck partline. [IT LOOKS REALLY SHITTY!]

I fucked up so many times.. ended up tearing it apart and starting over.. but for a first time surgery I love the fuck out of it.

I want to add a patch on the front because it just has a bunch of stars and says some random word.. but yeah. That's it!
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