becca (outofthisplace) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

you say it's your birthday (do do do do do do)

now, i KNOW you guys are going to TEAR into this, cause it's pretty terribly made, but my friend max made me a shirt for my birthday! and its a pretty creative surgery, even if it's done by a total ametuer. so I will share with you kids.....

The front

it's not too flattering, and there is a faded image or something. and its actually NOT all spotty and stained, I think thats just the picture.
he hacked off the neck and did ties all up the sides.

the back is what's cool

WING THINGS!!!! he like, cut the back in holes and slipped through white tee and tied it on or something.... no sewing at all, obviously. and not very centered. but I love him soooo much for tryig, and..... it has WINGS!!!!!

yeah,  well, at least it makes me happy :)
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