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Hiya ppl! Here is a top i made from a plain t-shirt i grew out of. Its nothing amazing but now it fits again! I used a tutorial from Generation T which meant sewing the side seams by hand since i am lacking a sewing machine.

the back...

This was my first surgery(i think), made from the same t shirt only in pink

and the back...

Also, i have a yellow fundraiser t shirt(look down!) that i customised a little for school, but its huge and unwearable so i was thinking of making it into a dress like this, or just resizing it into a long t shirt. Ideas appreciated...

While im posting pics, here are a few bags ive made- the first is from an old pocahontas t shirt, the denim one is from the legs of my old dungarees and the last one i actually bought the material for(btw sorry thats not really t shirt surgery)

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