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lookin' doucheyyy

ra tube top!
i made this to sell with my own tee (one of my favourites) but.... y'know. i just COULDN'T :(
the front has a blood red white & blue print with a flag & such & the back says "god bless amerika?" & has a coupla dudes on it y'know. it's got white lace inserts on the sides & black lace semi circles on the "love-handles" & red bands on the top & bottom. so yeah, i love it a lot & it's the first thing i made that i've decided to keep in the longest time. hahaha
cheesy pic? yeah, i was tying my hair up. shut up :|

okay, so then i felt guilty for keeping something so amazing, so i went and made a replica of it with another tee...

cocksparrer tube top
the front has a cocksparrer print on it that has the bloody wings logo & SHOCK TROOPS on it in red & a photo fo the band in white. it's got a super silky red jersey fabric band on the top (which is elastisized) and the same but a big wide band on the bottom. the sides (which don't really show in the pics) have white lace panels that are not see-through at all. and on the bottom of the back of the shirt, there are semi-circular panels of sexy black lace that show off the tops of your hips!

camo & victorian lace yoke top
so! i made another shirt with a victorian lace yoke collar & lace flutter sleeves just cause it's my FAVOURITE style right now! (can't you tell?!) this time i used a pretty tough lookin' grey/black/white camoflage patterned jersey fabric on the front and added some cute black buttons. the back has a deep scoop neck & the bottom is banded with jersey!

AK47 & leopard
this little leopard print camisole is really awesome cause i had a silkscreen from a tee i made of an AK47 (aka a really badass looking machine gun) that i sewed onto the front. &the back has a brown coloured lace insert in the shape of a V. the bottom has a thick black band of jersey and the top has a black elastic trim that is soooo cute (there's little black on black hearts on it, but it's hard to see) and lastly, the straps are the same material as your usual brastraps! so they're really stretchy & comfy. i love how this one turned out :)

love you forever tunic dress
this tunic dress turned out reaaaally cute! it can be worn as a tunic top with jeans or with leggings as a real short dress! the print on the front has a skull, dagger, wings, pink roses, dark pink, light pink and white splattters and a scroll that says "love you forever"! whoa! a pretty sexy design, but i made it sexier by adding long panels of (non-see-through) white lace on each of the sides & i used pink leopard print jersey as the wide band on the bottom and the thin elastisized band on the top (so this won't slip down on you!)

skulls & X lace
this halter tunic dress has the prettiest print on the front! there's SEVEN skulls printed in dark grey with a background of baby pink & baby blue splatters, swirls and roses! this little top is made with a lightweight white jersey fabric and i used a white elastic trim to finish the top of it. the elastic trim is soo cute too (it's white with little white hearts lined up on it) and i used the same trim as the super-stretchy halter strap! for the back of this top, i took pink stretch lace that matched the print really well (because it also has a flower pattern) and i made an "X" shaped cutout to reveal a little bit of lower back! :)

yellow striped yoke collar tunic
this adorable nautical striped tunic top was made from a vintage yellow striped tee! the fabric is suuuupersoft, but not too sheer! i added a big white lace yoke on the front with big yellow buttons to match & put a trim of ric rac (that zigzag stuff) around the yoke too! the sleeves are raw flutter sleeves & the back has a deep round cut to show off your upper back! i LOVE how stripes look on really long tops, so i left this one extra long ;)

you know this drill by now :) ...
everything here (and more that's not shown) can be found here:

leopard print, camo, skulls, tattoo inspired prints, machine guns, metallic gold flats, half white/half black skinny pants & more!
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