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My friend/roommate works at a T-shirt store in our little college town, and business isn't so hot. So, to help her keep her job, I visited her at work the other day and decided to buy a shirt. Meh. See the before pic up there? Not pretty. But one day and a run through the sewing machine later...

[edited for scary-demon-red-eye-ness]


Cap sleeves!

Side slits!

So it's not super-amazing, but it's mine, dammit, and it makes me happy! XD Plus, this is my very first attempt at sewing sleeves of any kind, so I'm glad it turned into something wearable. Now, I have the perfect shirt for a night of drinking, or an early morning chemistry lab.

*ETA: All of this cutting and sewing really didn't do anything for the horrendous color of the shirt, though. I'm thinking RIT dye... but does anyone have any experience dyeing shirts with graphics/text? I'd like the print to still be legible, but the color would have to be dark enough to dye over this mustard-ish yellow. Ick. That probably wouldn't work out too well, would it? Perhaps I should just leave it alone?

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