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to sleeve or not to sleeve

boredom + insomnia = sewing. at least for me.
actually this is the first thing i've made that i would actually consider wearing out.

alright, so this was a boy's large button down shirt that i got from the thrift store last year and never wore. i saw a shrug/bolero tutorial on craftster and decided to finally put it to use. i had to hand sew it since my machine is broke, grr. Anyway, what i ended up with was more on the vest-y side, and i'm not sure if i should add some sleeves, or keep it as a vest.
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i think its pretty cute without sleeves.
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i saftey pinned this sleeve on. the point was to get it kind of poofy.
It would probably come out different if i actually sewed it.
i've never done sleeves before so i'm kind of aprehensive about ruining my vest.

here's a comparison:
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the sleeves kind of make it look more like a jacket or something, don't they?
that kind of looks like a lapel, its not, its just there are two buttons and i left the top one open.
i dont know why my arms look so awkward in that picture, but whatever.

this is my first post and the first thing i ever really made, so I appreciate anything you guys have to say.
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