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a question for you all (sorry if its stupid)

sup guys, 
alright so this technically will be my first actual decent sorta reconstruction (nothing like my completely ratty skirt from jeans, or the five sizes to small skirt from a shirt) and im a little confused about one component of it. 

alright so im basically making a tube top for my friend...for her birthday (because honestly she's rich enough to buy five of whatever i decide to get her, and plus i want to give her something more personal and unique anyways)
what im doing is taking a white tube, cutting out a little flower or two, and sewing a black tube underneath. i cheated by buying the tube tops, but i know how i will go about putting them together. 
i really have no clue how to go about doing the little flower cutouts

this is how it will basically look like, with the black tube (which will be completely sewn to the white one, so now moving around or anything) showing through the flower cutouts

See my problem is how to hem the cutouts, because im assuming i must hem the edges to prevent unravelling and crud
 so therefore i need to figure out how to do something like this.....

just pay attention to teh finishing of the cutouts, that's what im trying to figure out

OH YEAH, and my sewing machine broke, so i'll be handsewing (which isnt that bad, cause i normally handsew  anyways) that possible when trying to do this, or should i just try my best to find someone with a working sewing machine

sorry if this is really stupid, i just really want it turn out awesome

thanks in advance

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