anna lee (pinkeraserlove) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,
anna lee

so for the first time everrr.
i acutally found something
worth buying at a thrift store..
(i live in a smaaalll hillbilly
town pretty much)

problem is, i knew the clothes
had potential to be cute, im just
not creative enough to know what
to do with them. and i pretty much
 suck at sewing. but if you tell me
what to do, im sure i could get help
from my mom.

heres the first shirt:

so i might jsut leave it like that...
but its all yucky and bally like


ok here is the second one..

i want to make it into this kind of tank top...

but since i have limited sewing skills, i may
just have to make it into a tupe top.
anyways, idk, yall help me. :]

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