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the long-awaited hoodie tutorial. i never heard back from the 'zine i submitted it to, so you guys get it instead. nyeh. original post.

i hereby submit my tutorial on how to turn a 3X nightshirt, (or 2 less gigantic shirts), into a fashionable and fun hoodie. oh, i'm so excited i wet myself.

*disclaimer*: this pattern is given in good faith to supply information, but in no way guarantees a successful finished product. also, if you fail to read the directions thoroughly and completely before beginning, you are a bonehead and you will receive absolutely no sympathy. if you have a valid question, however, please direct it to rejectcarp (at) gmail (dot) com.

1-2 large shirts, preferably thermal or sweatshirt material for obvious reasons.
Very Sharp scissors
sewing machine
matching thread. or whatever.
lots and lots of pins
separating zipper in contrasting color. or whatever.
a pre-existing shirt that fits well to gauge size from

step 1: get yourself a huge shirt, or two, and a long sleeved tee or hoodie to get accurate sizing for the intended wearer.

Image hosted by

step 2: cut all of the existing seams open with a seam ripper, to conserve fabric, or just hack away with your Very Sharp scissors, my preferred method being the latter.

Image hosted by

step 3: grab your sizing shirt and lay it on top of one layer of the body material and trace around it using pins/chalk/pencil/blood leaving about 1/2-5/8" seam allowance. and no, i won't translate that into metric. i'm _lazy_ about that shit. then cut around the outline with your Very Sharp scissors. easy.

Image hosted by

step 4: do the same to make the front, but this time measure the width of the piece and mark a line exactly in the middle of the front piece and cut.

Image hosted by

step 5: now take the sleeve pieces and cut them to size against your reference piece.

Image hosted by

step 6: pin and sew the pieces together as shown. front left to back left. front right to back right. sleeve to sleeve indention. gather or adjust the sleeves as needed to fit into their homes. i suggest pinning each side individually and working inward, adjusting slack as needed. now, i realized a this point that i didn't want 3/4 length sleeves, so i went ahead and made my hood, then used rectangular scraps to lengthen them. that's why i have penguins on my forearms on the finished product and you don't see them here.

Image hosted by

step 7: using leftover material from the body of the shirt (or a contrast shirt if you're at a loss for a 3X nightshirt, which would be understandable), make yourself a hood. the hoodie i used to size from had a ridiculously small and uncomfortable hood, so i just winged this part. you could easily trace this part as well. sew up seams, except for the bottom, which will be sewn onto the body. make sure that the hood bottom measures most of the way around the neckline of the body _before_ you cut it out.

Image hosted by

step 8: sew the sleeve and then the body seams according to the diagram. this picture will look familiar.

Image hosted by

step 9: try the jacket on and make sure everything is working out according to plan. now is the time to rip seams if you screwed up; don't wait until later.

step 10: install your separating, yes SEPARATING , zipper according to the instructions on the package, or be like me and skip the ironing, screw up a few times and finally get it working.

Image hosted by


you have finished and won my undying respect.
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