August 20th, 2006

  • x_shh

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Okay, so these aren't really strictly surgery questions, (and I apologize for the lack of photos. They'll be here soon!!) but I figured you lovely ladies (and dudes) might have the answers I'm looking for.
2 questions:

♥ I don't know how many of you watch/listen to the Gym Class Heroes, but they have a video featuring Collapse ) hoodie. It's a fairly normal hoodie, but the zipper keeps going. I tried doing this on a sweatshirt, and it ended up really off. Any suggestions, or ideas as to where I can find the style?

♥ I have a way too big double-mesh tank top (so, it's two layers of mesh in different colors). I want to turn into something else, but I'm worried about trying to piece the seperate meshes back together. Has anyone done it before, or are there any suggestions?

Thank you so much!!