June 30th, 2006


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Okay, I know text-only posts suck, but bear with me...

I looked all over the memories, and I still can't find what I'm looking for.
It's the tutorial about turning 2 sweatshirts into a panda hoodie. That specific part I'm needing is how to make panda ears (I'm going to modify them and make kitty ears!).

Any help would be nice, thanks.
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Hands to heart

Ok, so I promiseed myself I would never write one of those annoying question asking posts without a surgery. But here I am. 

I looked 140 posts back, but I must have skipped over it. I was just wondering if anyone has a link to that wonderful hands making a heart stencil. 

thank you for your time, wonderful surgeons.



several months back there was a post of a girl standing with some balloons, she had really sweet hair and the question was about her tube top shirt/dress thingy...was that for a clothing company? can someone hook me up with the site or the entry if you remember? it doesnt look like it's in the memories and i wanted to make a shirt similar to it.

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I finally fixed/finished my hoodie from a t-shirt! I'm very proud of it! It's a bit sloppy and I don't really have an excuse other than the fact that it's my fist major surgery. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

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green girl

Mass amount of faabrrriiccc

Okay, I know I didn't make a shirt or anything, but I'm so excited about my find! My mom had massive amounts of fabric out in the garage! I took only the fabrics I liked right away, and brought it in. I can't help it, I took pictures of how much I have! Ahhhh, I now need to learn how to do all sorts of fancy stuff!

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doot doot

okay, so i haven't posted in awhile. so i cant remember if i've posted these first two before or not.

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First-time poster!

Hi, everyone!

So this is my first surgery, and it's made from a neon green adult medium t-shirt. (It looks lighter in the pictures than it really is.) Since I don't have much experience, I figured I'd make something simple the first time around...

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