June 27th, 2006

a book for you guys

I stumbled across this book in Barnes & Nobles today: Tease. It's basically 50 different tutorials to turn t-shirts into other stuff. There were a couple really simple ones (halter tops, off-shoulder tops, T-shirt bags) but there were a few really original and cool ones. Check it out!

Rey Mysterio

Not a complete reconstruction or anything, but I was really angry when my bright blue Rey Mysterio shirt that I paid 25 bucks for at a WWE show got ruined by a bit of bleach so much that I wouldn't wear it anymore. So... I decided to do a bit of bleach "tie dye" with it to make it look like that was supposed to occur!

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Sorry the pictures don't really show how bright the actual blue part is.

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Hey guys, I work at Hot Topic and I thought you would all like to know that we are currently running our extra 50% off clearance sale. So if you want some sweet tees to surgerize you should definitely check it out. There are bunches of tees that are marked down to like 3.97 so they come out to be 1.98 or 1.99 or something after the extra 50% off! SO awesome.
bob dylan


hi, i'm ana, new and i've checked the memories, and i need help.

my friend danny and i plan on taking our designs to cloth which will hopefully land being worn on people's backs. now when it comes to different sizes, how do we come about re-sizing and such with our designs and which method is reccomended for those who have clothing lines/company. danny is the only one equiped with a printer and is standard.

you can take a gander at the designs here:Ataraxy Designs

thanks and friends (LJ) would be nice :]

default trek

ohmigod Im on fire!!

ok, so forigve me the double post, but when was the last time I had new stuff anyways.
so, being that I just had SOOO many leftover gayday shirts (I made another bag from one of the lesbionic woman ones, I only have one of them left now) I used anzgu's tutorial for the roucheytop top. thank you soooooo much anzgu!!!!

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before: hollister shirt from a friend. it was very cute, yes, but i can't stand shirts with collars that go over the shoulders like that. it never stays in place like it's supposed to.

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gimme feedback, yo.
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