June 26th, 2006


Hey all.

Sorry, no pics, but I need some help. My grandmother bought me Generation T and my dad and I went garage sailing (sp?) so I need some serious help! I love the skirts in there only I don't know how to gather very well. How can I do that easily?

Also, I bought this cute baby blue jacket with two front pockets and a half-zipper at the top made out of sweatshirt type stuff. It's in need of some serious decorating, but I can't think of anything to decorate it. I've looked through the memories, but I didn't really like the ideas much. Help please?
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i made my first lined purse. it didn't take that long and wasn't that hard. i didn't know how to close seams though so i just tied knots, and then today my madre told me how to close them...smart, right? haha. anywhhooo. Collapse )
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