June 24th, 2006

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New here

Ok... So I've been looking through the community for a while now but for the reason that I'm kinda lazy (Not always... :) ) I haven't gotten around to create an Lj account... But now I did and I thought I'd share some of the things I've made since I've been doing surgeries well before I knew the term... And it's a long post so I hope I can use lj-cut...

So here's some stuff...

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I've been reading this journal for a little while and have decided to try this out. though i didnt do a hoodie i altered the idea to make a track jacket and i think that after almost all day working on it (it's my first reconstruction.. other than resizing.. ive been doing that forever) that it turned out pretty well..?


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alrighty...this is text only, but I found a website that gave me a bunch of ideas for tshirt surgeries and junk [my camera is broken however]...but you have to scroll through all of the stuff and there are some pretty cute things.

and yes, I know it is totally lame that it's a doll maker place. Haha. =]

I guess I'm just cool like that to be able to take ideas from a doll maker place.

all you have to do is click on the picture of the skirts and flip through all of the pages.
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wow. this is the first time i've posted without a surgery, but i do have a question and some information.


do any of you happen to know where i could find a good wrap dress tutorial? or any cute dress tutorials? heeeeeeelp!


there's a project runway marathon on bravo that you all should be watching. right now. go. actually, find me a wrap dress tutorial and then go.

and good day!
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Rag (aka t-shirt scraps) rug

So, I'm planning on making a rug from my t-shirt scraps for my dorm room. I know that there were some posted here before. I even found one in the memories. However, it was not the one with a tut and its pictures won't show up. I went through more of the memories with no avail. And when I tried to use the search by LJ Seek it wouldn't let me. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Please?

EDIT: Suprisingly Wal-Mart sells them. Here's a picture to illustrate.

But I want to make one of my own.

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So I found a picture of me at the zoo and it reminded me of giraffe fabric for some reason and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some because I doubt walmart has any and I live in the boondocks around pensacola in florida and I think that is pretty much it within a 30 miniute radius....I've gone surgery-crazy today. =]....and I've had to handsew everything because I'm not smart enough to thread a sewing machine =]

does anybody have any fabric websites they like to order from?

oh, and here is the picture....[just because it's funny]

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