June 23rd, 2006


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Hi new here..and I have been searching memories and unable to find the answer..
I have Tshirt i want to add drawstring ruching (sp?) to the sides..I also want to make it into a tank top and remove the banded neck/make it vneck. Any hints? This will be my first attempt When you just cut the neck off how well will it stand up to washing? Sorry if this info is somewhere..I looked through as many posts and memories as i could without going blind :)
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Emerging from the shadows....

Hi!! I'm one of the trillion people who have been lurking but not posting. I don't have many recons that I have turned out really well (my sewing machine gets angry at tshirt material for some reason), but for the sake of posting and sharing my stuff, I will just dump everything I've done in this post!

Sooo, I'm gonna do it oldschool and not refer to a song lyric!! Pic heeaaaaavy!

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sewing machine question..

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you out there have any of these machines. If so, are they any good? I'm just a beginner so I'm not really looking for one with a ton of special features. If you guys know any other good ones that aren't too expensive (my budget is MAX $250) please let me know! Thanks in advance. =)

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My first ever t-shirt surgeries!

Hey all! These are my first creations. They're kind of suckish, but considering that I have only ever sewn twice in my life besides today, I think they're pretty good. Pretend you can't see my horrible bathroom wall paper and all the junk on my shelves. Thank you. :)

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What do you guys think?
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