June 20th, 2006


hey I'm NEW!

Today I didn't have work and I don't have any money so I decided to stay home and sew. It's too hot to do anything else anyway. My sister showed me the way to t-shirt surgery so here I am.

By the way I just want to tell everyone that they rock. I was frustrated with my sleeves on the sweatshirt I resized and then I started looking through some of the entries and was inspired to keep going. YAY!

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First time poster and first-time surgeon

I am the proud owner of my very first sewing machine. Okay, I lied, I had a crappy beginner's Simplicity that went awry after using it twice, but I now have myself a sweet Singer, and I went right to work on my first t-shirt surgery...

My best friend discarded her shrunken, pitted superman tank top years ago, and I combined it with a black tee, a disco-ball-toned dress, a black ribbon for the neck strap, and sequins to build myself a hot little number to wear to the Superman Returns opening downtown next week. My boyfriend is ecstatic and amused that I'll be more geeked out than him :p

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Hello! This is my first post ever here. I have a habit of buying a number of shirts on the clearance rack from Target in the boy's section. Since these are meant for young boys who obviously don't have the same shape as me, I have accumulated a bunch of shirts that fit but not perfectly. So, after reading a bunch of the entries on here, I got brave and decided to try some surgery myself.

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using elastic

This might be a really stupid question, but what is the correct way to use elastic? (as in, an elastic waist band for a skirt or a top of a tube top)

Do you just sew it on regularly, or do you stretch it and sew it on (I know that this will make it rouche)...but it seems to me that if you just make the elastic the same size as the band, if it's too big it will still just fall off. How do you make it hug your body?

Apologies for this being text only, but if I finish this creation with the help of this creation I'll post it ;)
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Surprise kitty

Text only

Okay, i went searching on memories and couldnt find what i was looking for. I have an amazing less than jake shirt that i got from my first concert. It has the little LTJ character on the side and the logo on the sleeve. The problem? I dyed a friends hair and the bleach got on the collar. I love this shirt and i want to make another shirt out of it, with the design and the little logo, and without the collar, but i have nooo idea what to do. Advice +linkage to a tutorail or something? please?


hi everyone! this is my first post here, and i guess one of my first "real" reconstructions. (i usually just stencil shirts, this time i actually shred that stuff up.)

so i went to this year's bamboozle, and my boyfriend knows that band, valencia. so we were talking to them at the merch booth for a while, and i felt compelled to buy a shirt, so i got one in a size medium (i'm a small) and put it on over the 82375 other shirts i was wearing, and it was fine, but when i got home and put it on, (not over 348545 other shirts,) it was so big! :( so i thought it was too cute to just sit in my drawer, so i cut it up and made a tote bag!

view the bag in all it's glory:
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